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Petting zoo features pigs, cows and more hooved friends

The farm returns to the Los Angeles County Fair with a petting zoo for anyone to hang out with animals like sheep, goats and pigs. The farm also offers other activities like pig races and duck races. The fair runs through May 30 and is open every weekend. / photo by Drake Ingram

Robyn Jones
Staff Writer

The Farm at the Los Angeles County Fair offers fun interactive activities for animal lovers, including a petting zoo. 

Following COVID-necessitated adjustments last year, the Fair is back in full force this month. It runs through May 30. 

Inside of the open big red barn were pigs, goats, cows, and sheep.

Pomona High School teacher Jasmine Gaeta was there recently with her family, feeding the sheep as they walked around.

“I would go to the petting zoo when I was younger,” Gaeta said. “it was always something I would look forward to when the fair came into town.”

Petting the sheep with her baby cousin was Ontario resident and University of La Verne freshman business administration major Kayla Lopez.

“Since the stay-at-home order, being outside is nice,” Lopez said, adding the cows “are so cute.” 

La Verne freshman kinesiology major Alyssa Kinsey was visiting the petting zoo with her friends and boyfriend. 

“I haven’t been to the fair in four years,” Kinsey said. “When I do come, I always make an effort to see animals at the fair.” 

San Dimas resident and pharmacist Hannah David was also at the barn and commented that the “baby pigs … are so cute.”

In a different section of the barn were cows, horses, and goats.

Although one horse seemed a bit restless, Cal State Fullerton freshman Yanise Harris said she was not afraid.

“I think the horse is just annoyed at being petted and bombarded by hordes of people all at once, but it was nice to pet it,” Harris said.

Yanise Harris’s older sister, Cal State Fullerton junior Yasmyn Harris, accompanied her sister to the petting zoo.

 Yasmyn Harris echoed her sister’s concern for the horse. 

“If I was in a box like that I would go crazy, Yasmyn Harris said. 

For more information and tickets, visit lacountyfair.com.

Robyn Jones can be reached at robyn.jones2@laverne.edu.

Robyn Jones is a senior journalism major and sports editor for the Campus Times. She is also a member of Iota Delta and a freelance photographer whose work can be found on Instagram at @jnaisphotos.

Drake Ingram, a junior criminology major and photography minor, is a staff photographer for the Campus Times.



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