Stand Atlantic brings audience to tears with thrilling performance

Miki Rich, bassist of the Australian pop punk band Stand Atlantic plays Saturday at the Glass House in Pomona. The band performed songs from their latest album ‘f.e.a.r.’ along with their latest single, ‘Deathwish.’ / photo by Ethan Bermudez
Miki Rich, bassist of the Australian pop punk band Stand Atlantic plays Saturday at the Glass House in Pomona. The band performed songs from their latest album ‘f.e.a.r.’ along with their latest single, ‘Deathwish.’ / photo by Ethan Bermudez

Aidan Balderas
Staff Writer

Stand Atlantic brought their hard hitting pop rock music to The Glass House in downtown Pomona on Saturday to celebrate the release of their new album “f.e.a.r.” 

The members of Stand Atlantic are singer Bonnie Fraser, guitarist David Potter, bassist Mimi Rich and drummer Jonno Panichi, who formed the group in Sydney, Australia, in 2014. 

In 2018, they made their full-length album debut with “Skinny Dipping.” The album was a hit with fans, hitting 25 million streams in two years. In 2020 they followed up with the album “Pink Elephant” which took a more experimental approach to their music. Their unique electronic production broke the standard on ordinary pop albums.

“I’ve been listening to Stand Atlantic for about three years now and their music is just so powerful,” said Thousand Oaks resident Adriana Cardenas. “The energy this band radiates is unmatched.” 

The band performed as the headliner of the concert after strong performances from 7ru7h, Cemetery Sun and With Confidence, who are all signed to Hopeless Records. 

As the performance went underway Fraser announced that they would start the concert with their most streamed song “Lavender Bones,” a loud, free-sounding song with high pitched vocals and melodies from “Skinny Dipping.” They then immediately followed it up with the single “Skinny Dipping,” an energetic and vocal heavy track with a powerful bass.

“It’s so surreal to be at a concert like this,” said audience member Conner Ferreira from Phillips Ranch. “My favorite song is definitely ‘Like That.’ Its vibes are immaculate.” 

The crowd was electric throughout the whole performance. Audience members created multiple mosh pits which hyped up everyone in attendance. Members also crowd surfed which led to security informing them to stop. 

“The mosh pit was insane, what a performance. My friends and I didn’t even expect it to be this energetic,” said Pico Rivera resident Pedro Estrada. 

Toward the end of the concert Fraser announced that they will play a sad, and emotional track from the “Skinny Dipping” album, “Toothpick.” Fraser encouraged every couple to slow dance to the track. The song had many fans in tears.

“That song makes me so emotional. It really is a roller coaster of emotion with these guys every single time,” Thousand Oaks resident Brianna Cardenas said. 

Right before the concert was about to conclude Fraser invited opening act 7ru7h to the stage to perform songs from the “Pink Elephant” album together. 

The final song played was “Deathwish,” the first single from their latest album “f.e.a.r.” which was released the day before the concert. Fans were left with a good taste in their mouth as this song received the loudest reception.

Stand Atlantic is currently on an American tour with their next performance Saturday at Goldfield Trading Post in Sacramento alongside 7ru7h, Cemetery Sun, and With Confidence again.  

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