Event celebrates cars and Latino culture

Rey Martinez from Pomona has had his 1960 Chevy Impala, which he named “True Game,” for six years. He collects low riders and “True Game” is his 10th. The car was displayed Saturday at the fourth annual Con Safos Car and Art Show at the dA Center for the Arts in downtown Pomona. / photo by Hailey Martinez

The dA Center For the Arts hosted its Fourth Annual Con Safos Car Show and Chicano Park Turning Wheels Museum event Saturday on Main Street in downtown Pomona.

About 60 people attended the early evening event, which featured various classic cars, from low riders to hot rods to classic trucks, in a rainbow of colors, from sand-tan to dark army green to crimson purple. Some cars had a glossy glitter finish.

In addition to the individual cars displayed, the event also hosted a van that had been converted into a mobile classroom and creative space, with mural art adorning the outside of the van and cultural displays inside. The van was part of the Turning Wheels Museum Project, which is a partnership between the Chicano Park Steering Committee, the Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center, and the University of San Diego’s ethnic studies department. 

For those displaying cars, the entry fee was $25 for the first car and $15 for each additional entry, with proceeds going to various programs in Pomona. 

“I came out to support the Chicano Park muralists in Pomona, one of a few offered here in Los Ángeles,” said Luis Armando, who attended the event.  “As a Chicano I see parallels between Chicano art and the low rider movement as they both embrace our culture.”

—Candice Pages

This 1960 Chevy Impala, named “True Game” by owner Rey Martinez of Pomona, was part of the fourth annual Con Safos Car and Art Show on Saturday at the dA Center for the Arts in downtown Pomona. The car show featured awards for Best Low Rider, Best Hot Rod and Best of Show. / photo by Hailey Martinez

Candice Pages is a senior communications major who aspires to be a journalist on television interviewing serial killers.

Hailey Martinez is a junior journalism major with a photography minor. She is a staff writer for the Campus Times and a staff photographer for the Campus Times and La Verne Magazine.


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