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‘Piece’ event honors World Peace Day


In honor of World Peace Day Sept 21, the Campus Activities Board hosted a World “Piece” Day event featuring desserts and savory pastries from around the world in Sneaky Park. 

Treats served included Mexican concha bread, sweet soft bread in the shape of a seashell. 

There were Argentinian empanadas with meat inside; taiyaki, Japanese fish-shaped cakes, boba to wash it all down and more. 

“I saw that it was World Peace Day,” said Hien Nguyen, senior journalism major and event coordinator. “I thought, ‘what’s better than to bring people (together with) pastries from around the world?’”

“I wanted it to be a word play on the straightforward event name,” Nguyen added.

About 250 University community members attended in all. Some students came out to try new foods, while others also came to meet new friends. 

World Peace Day, also known as the International Day of Peace, was established by a United Nations Resolution in 1981. It is observed on Sept. 21 across the world. Its purpose is to offer a globally shared date to commit to putting aside differences and create a culture of peace. 

—Emmanuel Garibaldi Stevenson

Emmanuel Garibaldi Stevenson is a sophomore journalism major.



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