Indie bands rock out at The Haven

Ben Larsen, frontman of The Jins, performs the band’s newest single, “Stay Please,” at a high energy, intimate concert Sunday at the Haven in downtown Pomona. The opening acts were All Hollows and Rivers Ventura. / photo by Natalie Medrano
Ben Larsen, frontman of The Jins, performs the band’s newest single, “Stay Please,” at a high energy, concert Sunday at The Haven in downtown Pomona. The Jins have a heavy sound, with indie melodies. The other bands were All Hollows and Rivers Ventura. / photo by Natalie Medrano

Michelle Annett Roldan
Staff Writer

The Haven in Pomona showcased The Jins, All Hollows and Rivers Ventura – all small bands coming together through their passion for playing indie rock music – on Sunday night before a full house. 

This concert was one of the biggest ones yet for the All Hollows.

The band members were excited about the turnout. All Hollows were first on stage, and soon enough the atmosphere was pumped and lively.   

“They’re just super cool, fun to listen to, they have good vibes,” Elise Larson of Mission Viejo, who attended the event. 

All Hollows’ guitar player jumped off the stage and into the crowd during the song, “Dolla Billz.” Soon after, the guitar player finished off the set by smashing the guitar against the wall. 

Next up was solo artist Rivers Ventura.

Ventura assured the audience that it would be the best concert ever.

“Our first show of the tour was in San Francisco and we drove straight for like 25 hours,” Ventura said. 

Ventura brought his biggest fans – his father, who is the band’s designated driver, and his grandfather. 

Ventura was originally not in the showcase, but stepped in at the last minute due to another band’s absence. Nevertheless, he did not disappoint the crowd with their music.

“Every time someone asks what kind of genre of music we play, I always just say good music,” Ventura said. “I try to find inspiration from a bunch of other people.”

Other bands also talked about inspiration. 

“I guess for lyrics, I guess those are based on just emotion,” Dante Marenco, vocalist for All Hollows, said. “Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense, it just sounds cool.” 

The Jins inspiration for their song “She Said,” was from the band members’ girlfriends telling them they have to be in bed. 

While The Jins are working on a new album, Sunday’s concert featured their “favorites,” said guitarist Ben Larsen.

The Jins, had lots of fans despite being a small band coming from Vancouver, British Columbia, thanks to a recent viral TikTok video.

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Michelle Annett Roldan is a sophomore journalism major.

Natalie Medrano, a junior photography major, is the Fall 2022 photography editor for the Campus Times and a staff photographer for La Verne Magazine.



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