Students to bask in Japanese culture

The University of La Verne will offer a  January class called Japan Study Tour, led by the department of art and art history. Students who participate will get the opportunity to travel to the cities of Kyoto and Tokyo.

“The trip will be to get a comparative look at the two cities, a great sense of tradition and the rise of Tokyo,” said Agnes Bertiz, adjunct professor of art history.

Although the trip is focused on the two major cities, students will also get to visit cities like Hiroshima, Osaka, Kamakura and Nara, as well as Mt. Fuji. 

During the 11-day trip, students will explore and learn about Japanese culture and history.

All University study abroad trips are open to students here who are currently sophomore standing and above. 

“I hope that their view and idea of the country changes after this trip,” Bertiz said.

Not only is the trip about learning about Japan and its culture, but it is also about learning about oneself, Betiz said. 

“I hope that the trip changes students’ perspectives about the world, themselves and their role in the world,” Bertiz said.

As they learn new information on this trip, students will be able to work on a cumulative project about their experiences, what they learned, how they can connect, and how it impacts them. 

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—Ramon Morales

Ramon Morales, a senior communications major with an concentration in public affairs, is a staff writer for the Campus Times.


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