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Photography Club branches out

Ethan Bermudez, junior photography and political science major, is president of the University of La Verne Photo Club. Bermudez said he is thrilled to guide the Photo Club in a new direction and draw in new members. / photo by Casi Martinez

Robyn Jones
Staff Writer 

The Photography Club, which was started in Fall 2019, just before the pandemic, has made some notable changes. 

The club was formed to create camaraderie among photography students who were looking to share their enjoyment of their art. 

“We wanted those who shared the same interest in photography to have a space to practice, learn and experience the medium together,” club founder and 2022 alumna Mel Blazauskas said.

This semester, the club is using models. 

“I’m excited to see the photographers have a person to photograph,” Armida Carranza, senior photography major, said. “This … gives everyone some sort of learning experience.” 

Ethan Bermudez, sophomore photography major and club president, said he was excited to see the club collect over 50 signatures of students interested in this club back at the club fair at the start of the semester. 

Though with so many members, Bermudez said. “Scheduling meeting times and getting a room is a bit difficult.”

Maxwell Sierra, senior photography major, has been a club member since fall 2020.

In 2020, he said, the club had only a handful of members and met via Zoom. 

Another improvement with the club this year is the addition of critique sessions for which members give one-another feedback on their work. 

“I see this being … beneficial,” Bermudez said. “The photographers we have want to …receive feedback about what they need to change or do differently.”

As of early October, the photography club has been working behind the scenes with the ULV Dance Team taking photos of the dance team at the football games and their dance team pictures. The Photography club also worked with the Iota Delta sorority taking photos at one of their sisterhood events.

Hector Lomeli, junior criminology major and photo club member, worked with Carranza on the dance team’s photoshoot in October.

“I helped set up and clean up the backdrop that we used to pose the dance team members in front of,” Lomeli said. “I also directed the poses for each person and practiced taking a few photos.”

The Photography Club hopes to collaborate with more clubs on campus in future.

For more information on the Photography Club, visit @ulvphotoclub on Instagram.

Robyn Jones can be reached at robyn.jones@laverne.edu

Robyn Jones is a senior journalism major and sports editor for the Campus Times. She is also a member of Iota Delta and a freelance photographer whose work can be found on Instagram at @jnaisphotos.

Casi Martinez, a senior photography major, is a staff photographer for the Campus Times and La Verne Magazine.



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