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Dance team jazzes up the International Educational Festival


Michelle Annett Roldan
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne dance team performed at the annual International Educational Festival, hosted by the Office of International Services and Engagement and the Campus Activities Board earlier this month. 

Ten of the team’s 16 members put this performance together.

“It’s a routine that we have done for a basketball tournament,” said Alyssa Kinsey, dance captain and sophomore kinesiology major. “We got a really good crowd response for it, so we (used) it for this one too.”

The announcer at the Nov. 17 event directed the crowd’s attention to the dancers as they lined up at Citrus Lawn, performing a jazz routine to Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too.”

“We did have to modify it a little bit because we are on cement,” said Emily Saldivar, a freshman kinesiology major and performer. “But you already know what it’s like, very sassy, like ‘yeah this is us, the dance team’.”The routine expressed their attitude through not only twirls and line formations, but also hair flips, and facial expressions.

As they performed, you could see the excitement on the dancers’ faces. Students cheered for their friends who were performing.

“We never performed this close to the audience,” said dancer Ana Gonzalez, sophomore criminology major. “It’s usually either on the football field (or basketball). I got a little nervous, but it was pretty cool.” 

This year, the dance team has been able to put together more routines, and perform at more events on campus. 

“For this event, (CAB) reached out to us and asked if we were willing to perform,” Kinsey said. “And of course we said ‘yes,’ because we want to get our name out on campus as much as possible.”

“I am just really looking forward to performing for my school again,” Saldivar said. “I’ve done it my whole life, so just having another opportunity to perform, especially in college is really amazing.”

For more information on the dance team, visit @ulvdanceteam on Instagram.

Michelle Annett Roldan can be reached at michelle.roldan@laverne.edu.  

Michelle Annett Roldan is a sophomore journalism major.



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