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Festival promotes drug-free lifestyle


Partnership for a Positive Pomona hosted “Good Vibez Youth Music Festival” on Nov. 25 to promote a healthier and better life for youth,  free of substances like alcohol and drugs.  

The event at Washington Park featured local bands, about 20 volunteers and roughly 200 community members, who came out to enjoy the festival.  

“Our whole mission and organization (is to) bring awareness to drug and alcohol substance abuse in young adults,” said Erika Gonzalez, project coordinator at the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of East San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys, and one of the event coordinators. 

Vibrant visuals were projected on a big screen, while the various bands performed live music.

In between sets electronic techno music played.

Rethinking Alcohol and Other Drugs, or RAD, was on hand with informational flyers for attendees to learn more about their services.

Backdrops made of cardboard and poster board, some with string lights and others with 3D flowers, were decorated for photo opportunities with friends. 

And food trucks offered snacks. 

All of the artists who performed had some history of substance abuse, either first-hand or via a family member or someone in their lives.  

Candice Pages 

Candice Pages is a senior communications major who aspires to be a journalist on television interviewing serial killers.



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