Students reconnect at Music Es Vida

Singer Emayla performs for La Verne students Monday at the Music Es Vida event on Citrus Lawn. The Campus Activities Board hosted events throughout the welcome week around this semester’s theme, Music Through the Decades. / photo by Casi Martinez

Sabin Gabra
Staff Writer

To kick off the semester, the Campus Activities Board hosted the Music Es Vida event on Feb. 1 on at Citrus Lawn as a way to welcome students back from winter break. It was a sunny day with a live music performance by Emayla. Free food and drinks were available to those who attended. 

As Emayla kept the crowd entertained with upbeat music, the crowd was cheering and singing along. Some students left to grab a quick bite and came back for entertainment.

Students sat in their seats to listen to Emayla perform cover songs like “Smooth Operator” by Sade and “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae. During breaks, they were able to take a few pictures with her and chat for a bit.

CAB hosts events every week, giving students a chance to connect with others and create friendships.

Frances Jones, junior business major, is the marketing chair for CAB and said she enjoys every minute of it. She takes on her role of making sure the activities are coordinated for students. As the event started, Jones spoke to students who were waiting for Emayla, she enjoyed the show by spending time with new friends. As she is coming up on her last semester as a junior, she is excited about what CAB has in store for students.

“I had a rough time last semester, which happens to everyone, and last semester had to be one of those moments for me,” Jones said. “What I am looking forward to the most is hopefully making new friends during this semester.”

Many students on campus said they look forward to what this semester will bring them. The excitement and eagerness to come back ready and stronger this year is running through their minds. 

This semester means something to them as they prepare for what is to come and take what they learned from the fall semester and apply it to their classes. 

Rylee Fournier, freshman photography major, said she is thrilled to be back on campus as she continues her passion for photography. Fournier was able to spend some time with herself as she enjoyed lunch watching Emayla perform her favorite song “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi. 

Coming back from break was not so hard for her to do because of how CAB gets students back in the swing of things, making Fournier want to become more involved on campus. 

“I enjoyed having a long break, but being here with great food and music makes La Verne so much more comfortable and enjoyable for me,” Fournier said. 

ULV students are coming back to school with a good mindset. Myracle Johnson, freshman biology major, is one of many. During the event, she was singing along to almost every song, laughing with her friends, and enjoying lunch from The Spot. She said it made her feel good and forget about school for a few minutes. As the semester starts, she said she will focus on how she can change her study habits and step out of her comfort zone when it comes to things she may not understand.

“I am going to take the things I learned from my first semester in college and use that as an advantage for this school year and correct my mistakes,” Johnson said. 

Sabin Gabra can be reached at  

Sabin Gabra, a freshman communications major with a public relations concentration, is a staff writer for the Campus Times.

Casi Martinez, a senior photography major, is a staff photographer for the Campus Times and photography editor of La Verne Magazine.


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