CAB event takes breakfast for dinner to a new level

Ashlyn Ledbetter
Staff Writer 

The Campus Activities Board showed the 1985 film “The Breakfast Club” in the La Fetra Lecture Hall on Tuesday. The event consisted of many food options, including a build your own mini-pancake bar, a variety of breakfast burritos, an iced coffee bar and a hot chocolate bar. 

A big draw in for guests was the hoodie giveaway, which featured a lyric from the iconic song, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds, which is closely associated with the film. 

Eager to get inside for the movie was sophomore kinesiology major Isabella Quiroz.

“I was so excited for this event because I saw the hoodie online and couldn’t wait to get one,” Quiroz said. “I love how they incorporated the movie on the hoodie, and it was a fun event to attend.”

CAB waited to start the movie until 30 minutes passed to give everyone a chance to get their choice of sweet treats.  

The event was planned by CAB member sophomore business major Analise Espinoza. 

“I really just wanted to get mini-pancakes and then from there, I kind of branched out to find what movie would fit best with that,” Espinoza said. “I just decided to stick to the breakfast theme and got the burritos and ice coffee, too.”

Along with planning the event, Espinoza was behind the design of what was a very popular hoodie. 

“I just wanted to incorporate something that everyone could wear; men, women, just everyone,” she said. “I was going for something that people would (want to) wear outside of school, not where it’s pertaining to something specific, something that’s really cute.”

One of the most popular things at this event was the mini-pancake making bar. CAB had a company come to cater these mini-pancakes and guests seemed to be in favor of them. 

Senior chemistry major Rylee Callen was very impressed with how smoothly things were run. 

“I loved the variety of choices there were at this event and they even gave us little order papers, which helped everything go by faster,” Callen said. “I come to a lot of CAB events and this one was probably one of my favorites. It was nice to be able to just watch a movie and chill.” 

Also working the event was senior liberal arts major Sheradyn Hall, who thought this event was executed well. 

“Analise did a great job at planning this event, she picked it all and really brought it all together,” Hall said. “This is one of the biggest turnouts we’ve had this year and it’s definitely something we will definitely have more events similar to this one in the future.” 

CABS’s next event is the Flog Gnaw Carniverne at 4 p.m. Thursday on Citrus Lawn. The event will have a DJ, food truck, rock climbing, laser tag, a photo booth, and much more. 

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