Sustainability conserved by ULV students

Sabin Gabra
Staff Writer

The Campus Activities Board hosted the Earth Day event that drew students and faculty members who were interested in learning about environmental sustainability to Sneaky Park on Wednesday. 

While the booths were being set up, students waited in line to get checked in for the event, which was offering free food along with activities and prizes.

Music was playing while peers engaged with one another on what prizes they wanted to win and what kind of activities they wanted to do. They learned information aimed at protecting the planet and reducing our impact on the environment.

Each activity was designed to engage and educate while also providing an opportunity for friendly competition.  

“The environment and the economy are really two sides of the same coin,” Gianna Fakhoury, freshman biology major, said. “If we can not sustain the environment, we can not sustain ourselves.”

Fakhoury took some time out of her day to visit the event because she believes that many people are paying attention to how they can help the environment. When arriving she said it was really nice seeing people involved and wanting to learn more.

“The time to act is now,” Fakhoury said. “We can not continue to ignore the damage we are doing to the planet. We must come together for future generations.”

Students were treated to a delicious assortment of free food that included plant based tacos, courtesy of Tacos Sín Karma, a local vendor. 

“I have never tried plant based food and was honestly really scared to try it but it is actually really good,” Sydney Delfin, freshman psychology major, said.

Booths were available for students to check out, one of them in particular was selling shirts, sweaters, books and things needed for everyday use.  

While students walked around and stopped at the booths, they had the opportunity to connect with their peers while getting to know them and learn about the information each booth provided about eco-friendly products and waste reduction strategies.

“The environment is one thing all of us share,” Rylee Fournier, sophomore photography major, said. “We all have a mutual interest in it, so I do not see why we should not help out.” 

Students were given free tote bags that said “Earth Day Everyday.” As well as having a chance to win a free Stanley cup at the ASULV booth. The best part of the event for students was the Phi Sigma Sigma booth which won first place for their organization.

“The DIY bird feeder house was probably the most popular out of the whole event, ” Juli Salhab, freshman biology major, said. “The decor was so beautiful and it definitely gave a spring vibe.”

As the event came to a close students began to slowly make their way out of the event, carrying with them the knowledge and inspiration gained throughout the day. The energy of the event had been infectious and there was a sense of optimism and hopefulness among the crowd.

“We all have a reasonability to make a change,” Fournier said. “We owe our planet everything.”

While it may have been a one-day affair, the impact of the lessons learned and connections made will be last-longing. Each individual was armed with the knowledge and practical strategies for reducing waste, conserving energy, and promoting sustainable practices.

“We only have one earth and we have to take care of it before it is gone,” Delfin said.

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