ULV Dance Team performs a stunning show

Brandy Estrada
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne Dance Team and other ULV students showcased their dances Friday night at the Morgan Auditorium.

The auditorium was filled with friends and family cheering on the dancers. The dancers performed in different groups and individual performances. The show consisted of 13 performances with different genres of dance, along with an intermission. 

Some of the dances were choreographed by different dancers on the team, such as “Ana’s Dance,” which was choreographed by sophomore criminology major Ana Gonzalez. During the performance intermission, the dancers raffled out prizes and asked the audience questions for a chance to win a Starbucks gift card. 

Ana Habeeb, junior criminology major, was the mistress of ceremonies and participated in two of the performances. Habeeb has been dancing for years and started in kindergarten doing ballet. She has done competitive ballroom dancing. On the ULV Dance Team, her styles of dancing consist of jazz, hip-hop and lyrical. 

“Dance has been one of my passions for my whole life and it really [brings] me a bunch of joy to perform for people,” Habeeb said. “Having that kind of adrenaline rush [and] that thrill is always fun.”

Mikalay Dacpano, sophomore psychology major, performed five times on Friday night with her fellow dance mates. 

“In high school, I learned that I really enjoyed dancing,” Dacpano said. “My favorite styles of dancing are jazz and anything hip-hop related.”

Dacpano started dancing her sophomore year in high school for the song team, a combination of cheer and dance. Dacpano joined the ULV Dance Team last year as a freshman. 

“When I dance, I feel it lets out this type of stress that I never knew I had in my body,” Dacpano said. “When I am dancing and performing for people, it gives me my own source of entertainment and it is so fun.”

One of Dacpano’s favorite dances from Friday was the last performance with her dance team. The dance was a Beyonce mix and was performed in a group dance. The dance team also performed the same dance at the Ontario Reign hockey game. 

“This dance, I feel I have embedded into my body with muscle memory but it is one of my favorite dances and it went off with a bang,” Dacpano said. “I am proud of myself and proud of my teammates as well.”

Dacpano hopes to gain more experience with dance and join more dance classes in the future. One of her dreams is to try out and become an NFL cheerleader when she finishes school.

“I think it is really nice to see the different forms of expression of dancing that there is and honestly it is really great to see our friend perform,” Isabella Lara, freshman biology major said.

Jaidynn Alvarez, freshman biology major and Lara are softball players who attended the show to support one of their teammates, Taylor Fukunaga, who is part of the dance team. 

“I would say the performance that our friend Taylor danced in and the [Jovanni] dance that was a step clapping was pretty cool,” Alvarez said about which performances were her favorite. 

Lara also enjoyed the step clap dance and every performance that included the ULV Dance Team. 

For more information and upcoming news about the ULV Dance Team, visit their Instagram page @ULVdanceteam and website.

Brandy Estrada can be reached at brandy.estrada@laverne.edu.

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Brandy Estrada is a staff writer for the Campus Times.


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