Los Angeles County Fair is home to outlandish rides

The Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona is home to some of the most ridiculous yet thrilling rides in Southern California. The Fair is open every weekend through May 29. / photo by Vincent Matthew Franco

Vincent Matthew Franco
Social Media Editor

Anabel Martinez
Managing Editor

The Los Angeles County Fair is home to both the bizarre and the fantastic when it comes to the food and the rides that occupy the Fairplex in Pomona during the month of May. For the entire month, attendees can stuff their faces with deep fried foods then risk spitting it back out while riding just about any given ride at the Fair. 

The rides at fairs are notoriously sketchy. They creak loudly, the sitting areas are always wobbling a little too much, and the whole thing feels as if it will collapse any second. Let us not forget that the bar or restraint that is supposed to keep you from launching into a deep fryer across the way is usually rattling from being so loose. 

The following is a guide to various rides at the L.A. County Fair to give fairgoers a warning of what they are getting into. 

If you want something thrilling but do not feel like being tossed upside down, look no further than “Ice Jet.” This ride circles around a fictitious winter wonderland in a two-seater carriage at high speeds. The ride starts off at a slow speed while the carriage slants parallel to the beams holding it up. This seems like a ploy to get the rider’s guard down because before we know it, the ride’s speed picks up in a matter of seconds. While the speed is accelerating, the carriage is by now completely sideways. Solo riders can look forward to sore biceps after keeping themselves upright without having anyone to lean on for protection. 

Similar to “Ice Jet,” the “Rave Wave” takes you on a high-speed ride but backward, pulling you through paintings of ravers sporting early 2000s-style shutter shades and neon colors all over the surrounding walls. Though the name is “Rave Wave,” it surprisingly does not feature EDM. Instead, they have you fighting for your life to Natasha Bedingfield’s pop song “Unwritten.” Halfway through the ride, a cover goes over your head, engulfing you in darkness for a few minutes. Sadly, it did not add much to the ride experience. We expected flashing lights, going with the rave theme, but got nothing but darkness as you try not to crush your partner. It was not as thrilling as “Ice Jet,” but nonetheless the backward riding still made it a solid choice.

“G Force” might have been the roughest one on us of all. Though it does not have some fright factors like upside down spins or swings, do not underestimate how wild a spinning ride can be. The ride stays upright and parallels to the ground the entire time, but it makes up for it in speed without a doubt. “G Force” goes insanely fast and feels 20 minutes long, but worth the five tickets per rider. As hard as you might try to avoid crushing your partner, good luck peeling yourself back to your side of the cart. We recommend tying your hair up for this one so it does not end up in your partner’s mouth and taking your keys out of your pockets so you do not jab their thigh.

If you are feeling your stomach turning but want to keep the adrenaline up, the chair swing ride is a tried-and-true choice for anyone. The cold air hitting your face wakes you back up as you smoothly fly over the view of the Fair.

But if you are just about done with having your body thrown around in the air, the Ferris wheel is the perfect way to end your night. Take a break from the chaos and enjoy the beautiful sight of the lively lights and sounds of screams of joy while you relax in a tiny rotating cart. It can be a romantic way to end your ride at the Fair, with your significant other by your side, or a memorable moment with friends and family.

The Fair is open at the Fairplex in Pomona from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday through Sunday until May 29.

Vincent Matthew Franco can be reached at vincent.franco@laverne.edu.

Anabel Martinez can be reached at anabel.martinez2@laverne.edu.

Anabel Martinez is a senior digital media major with a concentration in film and television, and a journalism minor. She serves as the managing editor overseeing all of the Campus Times sections and was previously editor-in-chief in Spring 2022.

Vincent Matthew Franco is a senior journalism major with a concentration in print and online journalism. He has been involved in journalism and print media in high school, community college and is now at the social media editor of the Campus Times and a staff photographer for the Campus Times and La Verne Magazine. He previously served as arts editor.


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