Fairplex gets Halloween makeover with Lights Out

Dawn Varela
Staff Writer 

Fairplex or “Fearplex’s” Halloween event, Lights Out, opened last week and runs weekends through Halloween.

“Lights Out is (Fairplex’s) in house competitor to Knott’s Scary Farm and Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights,” one of the Lights Out directors Devin Goodwin said that this is just the beginning.

When entering the front entrance of Lights Out, guests can see many activities to engage in.

The first thing is the Zombieball booth, located on the left side close to the entrance, where Light Outs partnered with paintball experts and zombie actors. The activity is an interactive zombie apocalypse experience where guests are provided with jelly ball guns to shoot walking zombie actors. The booth was created as the main director of Lights Out, Chris Iaquinta, is involved in the paintball community and wanted to combine paintball with Halloween.

“Jelly ball is really the first step for little kids,” Zombieball worker Callista Fowler said. “It’s a great healthy activity where you can get your kids and friends involved.”

On the far end of the Lights Out event, they have their Vendor Village, Esports, as well as a wax museum featuring popular characters from horror movies such as Pennywise the Clown, Dracula and Micheal Myers.

Lights Out also included a 16-foot kraken inflatable, a live DJ and a bar with Halloween-inspired drinks.

“We worked at the L.A. County Fair and from there we heard about an upcoming Halloween event,” Basurita Coqueta vendor Nailea Santiago said.

Basurita Coqueta had many items in relation to horror movies such as embroidered crew necks, graphic tees and key chains. Santiago currently goes to Mt. San Antonio College where she is studying sign language and reading.

The vendors had many items, including Halloween costumes, horror movie shirts, figurines and more.

The Esports section was also included as Lights Out has a partnership with Capcom, a distributor and manufacturer of popular video games. Some of the games that will be featured will be popular horror games like Resident Evil 4.

The scary mazes included The Graveyard and Clownhouse, but the most popular was Nightmares.

Nightmares is a scary maze that includes many phobias ranging from spiders, clowns, dungeons and more. A lot of the scarers showed dedication to bringing the haunt to life, as scare actors would chase guests or spook them from behind.

“I’m terrified of clowns,” scare actor Anthony Moringlane said. “I found out more people are scared of clowns so then I became a clown.”

Moringlane was a green creepy clown who loved to hide by the entrance, scaring guests before they went into the mazes.

One of the other scare actors, Moringlane’s sister who was a creepy nun, also interacted with guests by taking pictures and then screaming in their face to surprise them. One scare actor who goes by Chucklez would go to guests who were already scared and scare them with a rubber chicken and proceed to call them a chicken.

This is the first year for Lights Out and they plan to be here for the next three years, as they have a three year contract with Fairplex. In the future, they plan to slowly move into other buildings on the fairgrounds as well as include a zombie 5k run.

Dawn Varela can be reached at dawn.varela@laverne.edu.

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