October Art Walk has Halloween theme

Brittany Snow
Staff Writer

The city of Pomona hosted its October art walk and market in the downtown Arts Colony on Oct. 14.

The theme for this event was trick-or-treat, and families were encouraged to dress up in their best costume and participate in the local business’ festivities. 

One couple, Stephanie Lopez and Devin Stannard, dressed in their best steampunk attire.

“We came to visit our friend who had his art up at The Alley Gallery, and we also wanted to see how big the event’s gotten,” Lopez said. “We’ve been long-time visitors but we recently moved to Chino and haven’t been back in a while.”

The couple said they also were once vendors in the monthly event almost 15 years ago.

“We were really just coming to visit when we saw that costumes were welcomed, so we had to take advantage,” Stannard said. “We love to go to themed events, usually Halloween or Medieval and we recycle a lot of our own pieces.”

Visitors were greeted on both ends of Second Street by food and knick-knack vendors.

As visitors walked down the street, Halloween-themed music such as “Monster Mash”  and “Thriller.” 

Near Main Street, people lined up along the entrance of The Haven around 7 p.m. to see artists Abbeys Garden, February, Hedonic, Maybe it’s Best and So Concerned.

Punk and screamo music could be heard from the open doors at The Haven, it contrasted the smooth jazz playing next door inside of the bookstore Cafe con Libros. The environment change welcomed visitors inside to browse the books, both for purchase or donation.

In the Alliance Community Cultural Center, there were a few small shops separated by half-done walls, where visitors could easily jump from one shop to another. The selections included clothing, accessories and artwork.

At the central forefront was the opening night of artwork by Deserai Davis, “A Tale of Truth Be Told,”

“One of my larger pieces shows a woman soaking her feet,” Davis said. “I feel a lot of women can relate to that, because at the end of the day, working, going to school, motherhood – we all experience the same thing, at different levels. I hope that serves as a reminder that we all at some point can still agree and connect, and have hard conversations without feeling uncomfortable.”

An example of a conversation starter is “America’s Blueprint,” where the focal point is a collage of newspaper articles across the shape of Africa. These articles are from the full-force reprise of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, where there was consistent coverage on black injustice, particularly around the time of the death of George Floyd. 

“Some of these pieces are inspired by what we’re going through today as a society,” Davis said. “There’s a battle in trying to exclude the history of America in schools, almost trying to ignore it. This is just to put it out there that what happened 465 years ago is still important, and has had effects on the climate of society today.”

Davis’ work is up in the gallery until Nov. 3.

The epicenter for the event was around the Shaun Diamond Plaza, where there was live music and a costume contest for guests of all ages.

Around this area was a small niche shop called Stupid Kitsch. They sold clothing and accessories themed to the event, with a variety of pumpkin and horror choices to attract buyers of all ages. 

“I think these in person events do a great job of bringing the community together,” said the owner of Stupid Kitsch, Jane Fernando, who has been a vendor at the Art Walk since 2021. “Halloween themed events, especially, draw people to come with their families, and I love that it provides a safe place for children to trick or treat and allow everyone to be more involved.”

Other activities open to the public included a haunted circus maze, where guests could walk through tents and test their bravery. Onlookers were treated to an aerial show centered around the outside of the tents. 

Nearby, the Pomona College Community Engagement Center offered families an opportunity to wind down from the city’s art nightlife and paint Halloween masks. 

The Pomona Art walk and Market runs from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. every second Saturday of the month in Downtown Pomona.

Brittany Snow can be reached at brittany.snow@laverne.edu.

Brittany Snow is a junior communications major with a concentration in public relations and a minor in business management who currently serves as a staff writer for the Campus Times.


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