Event brings out dogs and their people

Hailey Martinez
Staff Writer

San Dimas hosted its annual “Bowser Bash” Saturday at Horsethief Canyon Park, extending a warm invitation to dog lovers and their furry companions.

The bash, where roughly 30 humans showed up with canines in tow, included games and competition designed to celebrate the bond between dogs and owners.

The first event was a frisbee challenge, where the dogs got to show off their speed and athleticism

“We really thought that Berni was going to be distracted, but we’re excited he placed first,” said Ron Canzoner, owner of Berni, an Australian shepherd, who placed first in the frisbee challenge.

Canzoner said he has spent much time perfecting Berni’s frisbee skills, as well as training the dog through an obstacle training program.

Another event, the tail-wagging competition, was a hit among the most enthusiastic pups and people.

In this, each participant and their companions took center stage, showcasing their charming walks and encouraging their dogs to unleash their most exuberant wags.

Owners coaxed their canines with treats, toys and affectionate gestures and words to get the tails wagging.

“She’s a happy dog at home, we just play with toys,” said Jose Gonzalez, owner of Lily, a chihuahua mix, who took top honors in the tail wag event.

Gonzalez shared the story of how his daughter found Lily as a stray puppy and took her in, and over time they became inseparable.

“What we want is just for the community to get together and bring their dogs since there are not a lot of events that are dog friendly,” said Daisy Verdin, a San Dimas recreation leader.

Verdin said she hopes that more community members will discover and partake in this fun gathering, as it’s a once-a-year opportunity that deserves to be experienced by as many fellow dog lovers as possible.

Hailey Martinez can be reached at hailey.martinez@laverne.edu.

Hailey Martinez is a junior journalism major with a photography minor. She is a staff writer for the Campus Times and a staff photographer for the Campus Times and La Verne Magazine.


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