Most La Verne students plan to sit out Black Friday madness

Taylor Moore
Social Media Editor 

Black Friday, Nov. 24, is just around the corner. For consumers, the unofficial holiday is an opportunity to get ahead on their holiday shopping and take advantage of cheap priced items that would otherwise be expensive. 

However, Black Friday is no longer limited to a one day sale, as companies such as Target, Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy start their deals in early November or a few days before Black Friday. These companies also preview their deals beforehand to give shoppers time to prepare. 

With the sales starting earlier, a survey from Pissed Consumer, found that 67.4% of 2,970 respondents said they will sit out this Black Friday. Pissed Consumer is a company that allows consumers to express their concerns on companies and creates data based on feedback from consumers. 

An informal survey conducted on Nov. 7 through Nov. 13 at the University of La Verne supported this notion, with 19 out of 31 students surveyed saying they do not usually shop on Black Friday and have no plans for this year. However, 19 out of 31 students also said they are planning to or have already taken advantage of the early deals either in store or online, preferring to shop early instead of going out on Black Friday itself. 

“Customers became aware of smart spending,” said Kristin Prasad, spokesperson for Pissed Consumer. “Customers no longer believe in a one day sale.” 

The University’s survey found that 16 out of 31 students prefer to shop early Black Friday sales, with 10 saying they will shop both online and in person, four saying they do not shop Black Friday deals and only one person answering they shop only in person.  

Anya Habeeb, senior criminology major, said she is not planning to shop on Black Friday, but said if she ever were, online would be the way to go. 

“I think I would …online just because it’s so much easier than having to go into a store and dealing with all the other people trying to get deals,” she said. “It’s kind of a crazy time to shop in person.” 

In Pissed Consumer’s survey, 19.4% of respondents said they avoid Black Friday shopping because of the crowds. Another reason is inflation raising the prices of goods, causing consumers to become stricter with their spending habits, with 21.2% saying they shop only when they need and 6.3% blame inflation. 

The University’s survey found similar results, with 26 out of 31 respondents answering that inflation has impacted the way students spend their money. 

That being said, 25 students here said they still partake in holiday shopping and gifting, and 20 saying Black Friday deals help with the cost of gifts. 

Peter Trinh, senior business major, said he uses Black Friday deals to knock out his Christmas shopping early since he has so many people to shop for. 

“Not only are there great deals, but new items come out,” he said. “I think that’s the perfect time to start thinking of buying gifts for Christmas for my family, girlfriend and friends.” 

For Eric Bates, junior business administration major, Black Friday is a special day for him and his family, and is something they all look forward to. 

“It’s kind of a special day (for us),” Bates said. “We all go to the malls and we buy stuff for each other; for my mom, my dad, my sister and my girlfriend. It’s really fun.” 

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Taylor Moore is a senior broadcast journalism major and Campus Times social media editor for Fall 2023. In her fifth semester on Campus Times, this is her second time serving as social media editor. She has also served as LV Life editor and staff writer.


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