Students look to beach or bed for spring break

Megan Mojica
Staff Writer

Spring break is often a student’s favorite time of the semester and an opportunity to have a week off completely free of the stressors of school. 

Some students prefer to take that time off to stay in and relax, while others prefer to go out and have different experiences. 

According to an informal survey, nine out of 20 University of La Verne students preferred to go out, while seven out of 20 students said they prefer to stay in this year. Four students said they would like to both stay in and go out for spring break. 

“For spring break in particular I like to take that time to rest so I usually stay in because it’s kind of like having this hectic semester around it so I kind of take it as my time to reenergize,” Del Bentley, junior political science major, said. 

Jazmin Avendano, junior education major, has always preferred to go out and do something ever since she was young. 

“I like going out on adventures and stuff like going to the beach,” Avendano said. “Even if it’s by myself, I just always like being outside.” 

For some students, the decision was not so clear-cut, and they plan to do both on their break this year.

“Staying in because I always have to go out because I commute from here so it’s kind of  draining to always commute to and from,” Jlyn Bituin, junior kinesiology major, said. “But I like going out and doing stuff and kind of don’t like being at the house.” 

As for Trevor Tedesco, a sophomore biology major, the decision to stay in or go out is easier to make. 

“If there’s plans, going out, but I’m ready to stay home and sleep,” Tedesco said. 

Five students said they would be going on vacation this year, four would be going on a research trip to Mexico, the other student will be going to Miami. 

Florida was a popular spring break destination spot this year, particularly for cruises. AAA, an insurance company that also provides travel resources, saw a 60% increase in bookings out of South Florida this year compared to March and April of last year. 

Despite Miami’s strict measures to curb spring breakers, it is not stopping some students from partying in the sunshine state. 

But not all students who are traveling this year are going on vacation, many students are traveling home over the break. 

“I’m going back home to Arizona and just hanging out with my friends and have a couple parties lined up,” Ethan Ball, junior kinesiology major, said. “So just kind of relaxing and enjoying spring break.”

At its core spring break is a time to relax and not think about school. 

Sabin Gabra, a sophomore communications major, said she plans to use it as a time to rest.

“Just catching up on some sleep honestly, it sounds boring but it’s so real,” Gabra said. 

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Megan Mojica, a junior broadcast journalism major, is a staff writer for the Campus Times.


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