Couples communicate nonverbally through salsa

Seal Our Hearts Christian Ministry in Rancho Cucamonga held a salsa dancing event for couples on March 23 at the Rhythm Addict Dance Studio in Rancho Cucamonga. 

Thirteen couples of various ages and stages in their relationship attended the event and learned the basic steps of salsa and bachata dance.

The couples were taught the basic counts and steps to salsa, and Esther Garrison, owner and instructor of Dance Addict Dance Studio, used the dance as an example of good communication.

At the end of the event, they discussed what they learned about non-verbal communication techniques via their dancing. 

Tiffany Winston, a licensed clinical social worker and daughter of the ministry founders and event hosts, said enjoyed seeing couples learning to communicate with each other through the event. 

Seal Our Hearts Christian Ministry was founded by Warren Winston and Joyce Winston in late January. 

Salsa night was their first event and they are looking forward to doing three more events this year. 

—Margaret Contreras

Magaret Contreras is a sophomore communications major with a concentration in public relations. She is a staff writer for the Campus Times.


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