Christian Shepherd

Letters to the Editor

The presentations made by the administration of the University of La Verne on November 20, 2019, and the answers provided by the Provost to questions posed by the FAHC, reveal an alarming and unnecessary plan to abolish tenure as part of the creation of a Cal Bar-accredited program of legal education as the successor to the discontinued ABA-accredited program.

Commentary: Pledge indoctrinates kids with nationalistic ideas

The Pledge of Allegiance in an outdated tradition that instills racism into children, infringes on the First Amendment rights of everyone who does not believe in a Christian God and falsely advertises a liberty and justice for all.

Claremont community combats church’s hate

More than 200 members of the surrounding Claremont and La Verne communities gathered to protest a picket by the Westboro Baptist Church, an organization known for protesting public events, even funerals, with inflammatory anti-LGBT signs and rhetoric.

Faculty supports diversity training

University of La Verne Faculty called on one another to take action to address the discrimination minority students endure after hearing a group of more than 20 students share stories of microaggressions they have experienced on campus.

Administrators commit to diversity

University President Devorah Lieberman and Provost Jonathan Reed presented a draft of a resolution on Oct. 26 to students and faculty listing the actions they plan to take in the coming weeks and months to improve the treatment of minority groups on campus.

LGBT students face harassment at Bonita High

A mural painted by the Gay-Straight Alliance club at Bonita High School was vandalized last week with discriminatory tagging.

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