Giovanna Z. Rinaldo

Old Stump brews up fresh flavors

It started as a garage project and grew into a 12,000 square foot building on 2896 Metropolitan Place. This is the story of Old Stump Brewing Co., a family-owned and family-run business in Pomona.

Panel tackles discrimination issues

In light of the current debates around immigration and Islamphobia, the University of La Verne community aimed to acknowledge and reflect on the similar trends of discrimination experienced by different minority groups in a discussion panel “Different Faces, Same Fears” Feb. 19 in LaFetra Hall.

‘Salam Neighbor’ looks into Syrian refugees’ struggles

Students were able to have a deeper understanding of the situation Syrian refugees face with a screening of “Salam Neighbor,” a documentary that explores the human side of an ongoing political conflict, Feb. 18 in the Arts and Communications Building.

Year of the Monkey brings fortune

Chinese New Year came wrapped up in red, for good luck, at University of La Verne’s celebration in Sneaky Park Monday.

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