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'Abortion under any circumstance is a very difficult decision, but I think that if it can minimize the trauma of having to go through an actual surgical procedure, than I'd rather see that than see women go through botched attempts and die as a result.' --Lisa Jolly, director of alumni relations

Drug agency releases RU486

One of the nation’s greatest debates became even more controversial with the Federal Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the abortion pill RU486. The series of two pills, designed to induce a pregnant woman to expel her fetus within the first seven weeks, will be marketed in the United States as Mifepristone.

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Ethernet may be equipped in Oaks

Roommates and computer science majors Nick Van Der Wande and Jason Opdycke have made a proposal to assist in installing Ethernet into the Oaks Residence Halls. Ethernet is a service which would allow students to connect to the Internet without having to use their phone line.

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Founders renovations leave space

Next September, the Hoover Building will become the new home to the Behavioral Science department, CAPA and John Gingrich, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. A decision process will then take place to determine which departments will be moving into the empty spaces in Founders Hall.

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In the wee morning hours of Friday, Sept. 15, Marriott employee Mercedes Araujo battles the dirt and grime of Stu-Han's wing two bathrooms. Over 20 Marriott employees help clean the classrooms and residence halls of the University everyday. / photo by Liz Lucsko

Workers’ concerns still unaddressed

Following concerns that the treatment and working conditions of Sodexho Marriott employees have not improved, Marriott’s regional operations director Thomas Marotta met with the Coalition of Diversity on Tuesday, where both staff and students questioned Marriott’s adherence to the promises made to employees last semester.

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