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Raechel Fittante, Editorial Director

Racism in reverse

Seeming to use the stage in Founders Auditorium as a pulpit to spew racist nonsense, Tony Muhammad, the not so poignant representative of the Nation of Islam, showed the University of La Verne how the pointless rambling of a man with a vendetta can give a bad name to just about anyone.

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Christie Reed, Managing Editor

Pill promotes rape

Grouped with such street narcotics as heroin and LSD, the sleeping pill Rohypnol (flunitrazepam), has been circulating in the underground club scene and wreaking havoc on America. The powerful compound, considered to be 10 times stronger than valium, is being used increasingly by young Americans, especially in Florida and Texas, and has been cited in […]

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Martha I. Fernandez, Editor in Chief

Immigrants take the blame

It is enraging enough to read and listen to GOP candidate Patrick Buchanan tear diversity and attack immigration. Yet, it is more upsetting when descendants of immigrants choose to forget their roots and bash the newcomers. And what infuriates me the most is how many of these individuals I know.

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Cherryl F. Cercado, Editorial Assistant

Ironic death

The violence surrounding his death could be taken not only from his most well-known movie, “The Killing Fields,” but also from his life experiences. Dr. Haing S. Ngor’s body was found on the streets of Los Angeles on Monday, surrounded by a pool of blood.

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Heather Morales, Sports Editor

Eye for an eye, or time to wonder why?

Despite a last ditch effort for Governor Pete Wilson to grant clemency on Tuesday, William G. Bonin was executed by lethal injection this morning at 12:01 a.m. at San Quentin Prison. Bonin was sentenced to die 13 years ago for the brutal murders of 14 boys and young men, between the ages of 12 and […]

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