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Family business customizes jewels

Micky’s Jewelry Studio opened its second location on D Street in downtown La Verne in August 2017. The family owned shop specializes in unique, personalized jewelry for a customer’s need, style and budget.

Students brush off natural hair styling stigmas

Misty Levingston, assistant director of multicultural affairs, teamed up with iSlay Naturals to host the event Natural Hair Journeys, Wednesday in room B101 of the Athletics Pavilion.

Hashtag spreads body confidence

“You would be prettier if you lost weight,” are words that are contradictory to the newfound body positivity movement. The phrase, found on flyers and newsletters, was used to draw eyes to the #ContagiouslyConfidentULV event on Monday.

‘Best’ clothing features hip-hop style

Being the best is sometimes as simple as wearing the “Best.” Just ask senior business administration major An-Tony “TJ” Young.

Commentary: Average sized women need better fashion options

For many years now, American women have been told that the average clothing size for women in America is 14. However, according to a study published this year in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education, the average American woman in 2016 wears between sizes 16 and 18.

Students dip, dye and touch up

Throughout 2015 more and more people have experimented with coloring their hair, from celebrities like Kelly Ripa and Kylie Jenner to La Verne students like Marina Youngblood.

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