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Flu season hits, but Health Center has cure

With Thanksgiving and Christmas on its way, everyone knows that flu season is here. That is why the University of La Verne's Health Center has offered flu-shots for all faculty and students since Oct. 14.

Riding with death

Every year, more than 2.6 million drunk driving crashes victimize 4 million innocent people. A little prevention can save lives.

Date Rape: The Hidden Epidemic

Yesterday, Brenda Randall went to a party with Jacob Candeen. They danced, drank a few beers, made advances toward each other and had a fun-filled night.

Late night aerobics

Presented by the Fitness Floor in the Oaks A Bottom, people were encouraged to "quit being lazy" with a late-night aerobics workout.

Cardio-kickboxing kicks off new fitness trend

Cardio-kickboxing, the new trend in fitness, is a way to get the body in shape for the spring season. It is an intense workout that combines low impact conditioning with controlled boxing and kicking routines.

Davenport food fails comparison

Aramark Dining Services at the University of La Verne can provide special foods to students with specific dietary needs.

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