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Contraceptive pill available on campus

Women at the University of La Verne have an opportunity that many other schools do not offer—the “morning after pill.”

‘Love Carefully Week’ comes to ULV

A portion the of AIDS Memorial Quilt was displayed this week in the newly dedicated Wilson Library. This quilt displays the names of eight people who have died from AIDS. The theme of the Memorial Quilt, "Love Carefully," is a saying known throughout the prevention field.

P.E. purchases exercise equipment

A purchase of top-of-the-line fitness equipment was made this summer by the Athletic Department to support a general education class that has been added to the curriculum this year.

University community confronts sexual issues: Bookshoppe raises AIDS A-wear-ness

A flag, a heart and a cross are simple symbols, but when placed in conjunction with a red ribbon, they take on a whole new meaning.

University community confronts sexual issues: Survey reveals students’ sexual attitudes

Three million young adults contract a sexually transmitted disease each year. Prompted by these numbers, the Campus Times polled ULV students, asking them about their sexual habits.

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