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Health Center offers HIV testing, education

In the early 1980s the world was just beginning to learn about AIDS (Ac­quired Immune Deficiency Syn­drome) and its devastation. Now there is an abundance of information, possible treatments, preventive suggestions and ongoing research to combat the spread of the disease. No cure has been discovered to date, but the fight continues.

Letter to the Editor

You go, David Sutton! Your column on Feb. 17, “Large and in Charge,” was right on. For those of us who live life “A Little Larger,” your words are sweet indeed.

Large and in charge

As I roll over at 8:45 in the morning every Tuesday and Friday, I think to myself, “What are you doing?” I am going to aerobics. Yes, I go sweat with about 25 women and four men and an instructor who snaps her fingers every 10 seconds.

New Valentine’s gift idea promotes safe sex

As Valentine’s Day grows near, many students find their minds filled with traditional romantic thoughts.

Butts investigates Davenport food

While some seniors choose senior projects to simply satisfy their graduation requirements, Eddie Butts has chosen a project that could possibly help the world; if not the world then maybe people who eat Davenport Dining Hall’s food will benefit.

ULV Health Center mandates course for contraceptive use

The University of La Verne's Health Center now offers an informational class meant to educate students on topics such as birth control methods, types of sexually and non-sexually transmitted infections and breast self-examinations.

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