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Techno gifts offer great ideas for shoppers

Every year countless people engage in an activity that most would choose to avoid. With persistence, they muster enough strength to stand on their feet for hours upon hours while they contemplate their next move. Children’s screams and yells echo loudly off walls as parents peek blindly through mountains of cardboard.

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The decision is out and sophomore Jen Newman and junior Greg Hemenover will be the Orientation Week Leader Coordinators for Fall 2001. They both have spent the last two weeks interviewing nearly 50 prospective O.W.L.s for next year. / photo by Kati Kelly

O.W.L. coordinators fly into position

As an Orientation Week Leader (O.W.L.), students have the responsibility of making the transition from high school to college, a smoother one for freshmen. There is no certain characteristics or qualifications needed to apply for the position of an O.W.L. The new O.W.L. coordinators are looking for students who want to make a difference in […]

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Web site promises to lower costs of textbooks

College students know the cost of the university in which they are applying. They realize the cost of food they will need. They can estimate how much money in loans they will need in order to live on campus. All of these expenses are a given when students apply to college. But what comes as […]

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