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Tuition remission benefits employees, families

He carefully puts on a white linen suit to go fix the main sewer line in the Health Office that has erupted. It is 8 a.m. Dorian Logue began his Tuesday at 5 a.m., playing with his newborn for about an hour before he tackled traffic for a 70 mile drive to work at the University of La Verne’s Maintenance Department.

Circus dreams become reality

At one time or another, many children dream of running away from home and joining the carnival. For most, this childhood dream remains only a fantasy, but for a very few, the fantasy becomes a reality.

Fraternities, sororities open doors during Rush

With the new “deferred rush” provision now in effect, all six respective fraternities and sororities opened their doors to prospective members during Rush Week.

Jones about ready to throw in towel

It was a clear, warm October morning in Georgia back in 1942 when Bennie Jones said goodbye to his mother for the last time. Jones was being drafted into the Army and was uncertain about ever coming back home. Fifty-two years later, Jones is once again about to say goodbye to another group of people.

Task Force investigates student needs

An enrollment task force has been established at the University of La Verne to look at the selection process of the traditional college undergraduate.

Mentor Program benefits students, children

The La Verne Mentor Program provides more than just a role model for children, it also provides friends along with many opportunities the child may not already have.

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