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Weekend Committee sponsors field trips

The newly formed Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum's Weekend Committee has made plans for weekends during this semester.

Resident assistant class mandatory for applicants

All students applying tor next year's resident assistant (RA) positions must attend a four-session RA class and are encouraged to go through an evaluation interview this year. This is designed to educate applicants about the job and also give Director of Residential Life Jeff Cripe and the three resident directors (RDs) an opportunity to get to know the potential RAs.

Iota Delta conceived from small idea; members strengthen friendships

The memory is still fresh: four girls were at a party, talking about the possibility of a new sorority on cam­pus. It didn't sound too farfetched at the time. Jokes about a name, a mascot and colors turned into a serious discussion. Once surfaced, the idea never died.

Rosa, Taira Lead Hawaiian Group

Ever wonder how long it takes to get a club started on campus?

Custodians Relish Working in Dormitories

Away from home ... for many a stark realization. It means a separa­tion from family, home and mother. Mother ... that ever toiling ser­vant... picking up clothes strewn over the floor, cooking over a hot stove, washing dishes with Pal­molive, washing clothes with Fab and trying to remove the ring around the collar.

Holiday Spirit

Sophomores Jill Montz and Pam Walls display some pre-Christmas spirit by adorning their Christmas tree with ribbons, popcorn and lights.

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