LV Life

Capa Student Works on Shuttle

In an effort to provide a more economic means of exploring space by using a reusable spacecraft, the Space Shuttle Columbia was built and launched.

Dressing in Style

Cheryl Boutee models one of the "new seasons" fashions.

ULV Productions Benefits Students

With traditional means of sup­porting private education changing very rapidly, the University of La Verne has recently come up with an innovative way to help underwrite its cost.

Amateur Talent Highlights ‘Coffeehouse’

Hidden talent will be displayed at the annual "Coffee House" talent show Friday, Nov. 20, at 9 p.m. in La Fetra Hall.

Dedicated Lapp, Sings, Shares, Studies With Christian Love

Six feet six inches tall, bare feet, shorts and guitar. Who else could it be other than Brian Lapp?

SC Presents Challenges, Diversity for ULV Students

Ever have a half hour to kill and nothing to do? The Student Cen­ter offers a number of methods to cure the most chronic forms of student boredom.

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