Fine Art

New mural to capture diversity of human race

Imagine a wall of art encompassing many different cultures and unique ideas at one time. Next imagine that very same wall speaking to viewers not by sound but through images. These images would depict the numerous assets of our diverse campus, and they would also be a tribute to the greatest race of all time, the human race.

Amish revealed in photo exhibit

In an era when progress and change design every day culture Susan Einstein presents a quieter image of 90s life through black and white photography.

Scott explores culture through art

Mixing her desire to help others with her talents as an artist, senior art major Lisa Scott has helped create new programs in the community by implementing art and culture.

Nagasawa driven by artistic passion

Yasuyuki Nagasawa, known simply as Yasu in the University of La Verne community, plans on graduating this spring. After three years at ULV, the senior art major will finally get his degree.

Worley shares craft with community

At first glance, the picture on his office wall seems like any other ordinary photograph of a group of people. Take another careful glance and you begin to notice something a bit peculiar. Take an even closer look and you see what it really is: a picture of homosexuals and transvestites dressed in full drag celebrating Fasching, Munich, Germany’s version of Mardi Gras.

Stone sculpts well-balanced outlook for ULV

Associates. The station will be on the corner of Beverly and Vermont Boulevards, and it will be an integration of classic archite"cture and the earth's natural strata. Much of his work has been critically acclaimed in major contemporary art publications. Stone has also received individual artist grants and fellowships for his art. Some of the major contribut­ing organizations have been the California Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).

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