St. John’s University School Facts

Facts about St. John's University in Minnesota.

KULV brings playoffs back home

With last Saturday’s victory, the ULV football team is going to be halfway across the country playing its hearts out to win the first playoff game in La Verne football history.

Journeying toward Collegeville, Minn.

Football players from the University of La Verne have now found themselves in a position they are not too familiar with. Today at 4 a.m., the Leos began their travels to St. Cloud, Minn., for the first round of the NCAA Division III national playoffs. They will be playing St. John’s University tomorrow at noon.

MacLellan marks memorable season

As Darren MacLellan goes, so does the University of La Verne football team. He may not be the strongest, biggest or fastest player on the field but the senior running back is a winner.

St. John’s dominates Minnesota conference

Everyone has seen one team or another dominate a division, whether it be football, baseball, basketball, etc. What is also seen is the rest of that division. If you are a Dodger fan then you know how the Giants are doing. If you are a Ram fan then you are keeping an eye on the 49ers.

ULV barrels through SCIAC competition

With the regular season over, the Leopard football team has turned its attention to Minnesota, but the achievements of La Verne before the championships are, in a word, memorable.

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