Gridders Drop Finale; Upset By Pitzer, 17-10

Going into last Saturday's game against La Verne, the Pomona-Pitzer Sagehens were rated the worst team in the country by the Los Angeles Times. That's right, the absolute worst. On the top of Steve Harvey's "Bottom Ten" list. In fact, the Leo-Sagehen match up was tabbed as "the crummiest game of the week," by the Times.

Letter to the Editor

Last week's sports story "Spikers Defeat Occidental, Move Into First Place Tie," suggested that the local crowd intimidated Oxy with nasty remarks.

Leopard Kickers End Disappointing Season

Second place for many athletic teams is an honor, maybe even a tribute. For the University of La Verne soccer team, second place takes on a different connotation.

Women Hoopsters Look Sharp; Freshmen Key Exciting Season

What's in store for ULV women's basketball in 1982? According to Head Coach Nancy Blickenstaff, "We're going to surprise some peo­ple."

La Verne Celebrates 60 Years of Football

They came from all walks of life and six decades. A common thread tied their lives together-football at the University of La Verne.

Coach’s Error

Why must others suffer from one person's mistake? The answer to that question, if there is one, may hardly seem justifiable. But there is one thing for sure: it has left the University of La Verne baseball team pondering over it.

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