Attack and React (2003)

Festival promotes peace with art

From an idea between friends to an event that brought many together, the Peace and Justice Festival on April 12 in Claremont used many mediums of expression to shed light on world issues.

War supported with ‘U.S. values’

Her father lost his ability to hear in World War II. Her uncle died in the same war. This closeness to the effects of war and conflict served to feed in Linda Bearman an attitude about patriotism that thrives strongly still.

Gulf War felt through family

The last time Juan Garcia spoke with his brother, he said that it was weird and uncomfortable. It was two days before his brother was scheduled to fly to Iraq to serve as a Military Policeman.

Communities divided by war

Monday, March 21, 2003, marked a historical moment when President George W. Bush publicly presented an ultimatum to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein that asked him to step down from power within 48 hours, or prepare for war with the United States and Britain.

From a soldier’s point of view

Pvt. Sonny Moya talks about his time serving with the U.S. Army in Kuwait and Iraq.

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