Code of Ethics


We believe in journalism as an honorable profession and, recognizing the opportunities for service to the University of La Verne, do hereby establish the following canons for governance of professional practice as obligatory on every staff member of the Campus Times.


The Campus Times is the official student newspaper of the University of La Verne. It is published weekly during the regular semester and funded by the University Trustees as a laboratory publication of the University’s journalism curriculum. The paper is distributed free on-campus.


The primary purpose of the Campus Times is to publish unbiased news accounts, to provide a vehicle for the balanced expression of student opinion and to maintain strong, responsible leadership. Further, the Campus Times shall strive to be the mirror of the public mind, interpreter of the public intent and troubler of the public conscience.


1. The Campus Times shall seek to uphold the finest standards and highest ideas of journalism, and, in particular, be devoted to truth, accuracy and fairness.

2. Realizing the power of the written word, the Campus Times staff members shall strive to use good judgment and sensitivity toward the protection of the well-being of the people of the University of La Verne.

3. The Campus Times is the information line of the University and shall be treated in a manner that reflects the personality of the campus.

4. Realizing the importance of accuracy, retracting false or malicious statements shall be considered a privilege as well as a duty. Campus Times staff members who violate this editorial policy may be obliged by the editor to relinquish their position, subject to appeal.


1. Freedom of the press is to be guarded as a vital right of humanity. Freedom from all obligations except that of fidelity to the students’ right-to-know is vital. It is the unquestionable right of the Campus Times to discuss whatever is not explicitly forbidden by law, while at the same time observing the responsibility cited in Section III.

2. A hands-off policy will be followed by University administrators, staff, students and faculty (other than the newspaper adviser(s) who serve as teachers) concerning story generation, writing, editing and distribution of the Campus Times.

3. The Campus Times will not be subject to censorship by University officials or agents unless a specific issue is deemed to include contents of a libelous or otherwise illegal nature.


1. The Campus Times shall cover the entire scope of student activities as space allows and present a timely, unbiased and balanced representation of University of La Verne activities and events occurring on its campuses.

2. As space permits, the Campus Times shall strive to cover entertainment in the surrounding community, including major events on other area campuses.

3. Realizing that the University of La Verne is an integral part of the community, the Campus Times will report important community and world events as news relates to the student body.


1. Publication of propaganda under the guise of news shall not be permitted. The Campus Times shall not invade the rights of any individual and will be restricted by the established principles of fair comment.

2. To protect freedom in the classroom, statements made by faculty members in the classroom shall not be quoted. Such statements may only be quoted with the individual’s consent. However, statements made in public gatherings and in interviews with Campus Times staff members are subject to direct quotation.


1. The Campus Times shall not endorse political candidates or espouse political parties. However, editorial columnists shall be free to take positions on state and national political platforms and candidates.

2. The Campus Times shall print letters to the editor to provide an opportunity for reader opinion. Letters will be printed according to space available. When all letters are not printed, especially on controversial subjects, the editor will attempt to print the most cogent arguments made in the letters and approximately reflect the proportion of the letters received by the number of letters printed. Letters must conform to Campus Times policy and to applicable laws, including libel laws. All letters must be signed; however, names may be withheld upon request and approval of the Editorial Board. Letters must be typed, no more than 400 words in length and are due by Tuesdays at 3 p.m.

3. The Campus Times’ position, reflecting that of the editorial board, on issues is discussed only in editorials. There will be no editorializing in the news. Columns and features appearing on the editorial page shall be the opinion of the individual writers, unless so indicated.


1. The Campus Times assumes a definite attitude toward the advertising that is solicited, written and printed. The same canons of truth and justice should apply in advertising as are adopted for news and editorial matter. Advertising and advertisers shall in no way affect the content of the Campus Times. The business manager shall use good judgment in soliciting advertising, and questionable advertising shall be subject to the adviser’s approval.

2. To keep in line with the University’s mission, the Campus Times shall refrain from printing advertisements that promote alcohol, tobacco, firearms and other products which maybe deemed harmful to the University community.


Further, the structure or existence of the code of ethics should be viewed as continually open to change and evolution. For just as the requirements and purposes of the University of La Verne are altered by time, so also its newspaper.