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Christine Owen, Editor in Chief

Parents over-react to anthrax

Two postal workers died this week of anthrax and seven others have been hospitalized. Even before the deaths and outbreaks, the media was reporting that parents were not going to let their kids go trick-or-treating because they were worried that tainted candy would be given to their kids.

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Dancing Kathakali among tropical trees was a daily routine for senior theater major David Rojas last semester during his study abroad trip to India. Rojas attended Cochin University of Science and Technology in southern India. While traveling to Nepal, Rojas read the play "Woyzeck," which he is now directing at the University of La Verne. The play will run Dec. 6-8. / photo by Jennifer Contreras

ULV student gains insights in India

by Jennifer Contreras Editorial Director On an average morning, he would wake up at five and head to Yoga class. After Yoga he would hop on a bus to the harbor. From there he would usually take a boat to an island where he would dance Kathakali. Then he’d take his two-hour bus ride home […]

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