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The decision is out and sophomore Jen Newman and junior Greg Hemenover will be the Orientation Week Leader Coordinators for Fall 2001. They both have spent the last two weeks interviewing nearly 50 prospective O.W.L.s for next year. / photo by Kati Kelly

O.W.L. coordinators fly into position

As an Orientation Week Leader (O.W.L.), students have the responsibility of making the transition from high school to college, a smoother one for freshmen. There is no certain characteristics or qualifications needed to apply for the position of an O.W.L. The new O.W.L. coordinators are looking for students who want to make a difference in […]

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Writing seems to come natural to Danny Craig and Alisha Rosas, but leadership will soon be the forefront of their journalistic work. Rosas, named Campus Times editor in chief for the spring semester, has been a staff writer for four semesters and experienced leader as La Verne Magazine editor. Craig, named editor of La Verne Magazine for its summer publication has a sports writing background and is an accomplished writer for the Campus Times. / photo by Jason Cooper

Editors layout plans for new semester

The end of a semester signifies change. With the fall semester coming to a close, the Communications Department is planning for that change. This week new editors were announced for next semester’s Campus Times and La Verne Magazine staffs. Alisha Rosas was named editor in chief of the Campus Times, and Danny Craig was named […]

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