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'I can't believe that it came down to one state. I can't believe that Florida has that much power right now. Finding out this morning that there's a recount gives me some hope that some kind of change will result. The whole thing has been nuts, like with them not letting Nader, or anyone else for that matter, participate in the presidential debate. It's just been totally nuts and I can't wait until it's over. I voted Nader because I voted on principle and I don't have any regrets in the way I voted.' -- Jennifer Contreras, sophomore journalism major

Bush Or Gore? Only Florida knows

With the results of Tuesday’s election still in doubt, many Leopards are wondering who the next President of the United States will be. Both the states of Florida and Oregon have vote counts that are too close to call.

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Children, R-rating become issue

Every day hundreds of underage children are being exposed to scenes of violence, sex and inappropriate language. Children watch as their heroes kill a room full of people with guns, rob stores and disrespect others by using foul language. These children are not witnessing these types of situations in their neighborhood or home, but someplace […]

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