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Tircuit takes social problems to heart

Standing in a crowd of more than one million black men was one man from ULV who felt the cause was worth the flight to Washington, D.C.

Entertainment Briefs

Campus and community arts events for the week of Nov. 3, 1995.

Active members of AASA set goals

Members and officers of the University of La Verne Afrikan-American Student Alliance (AASA) have decided that changes are in order for the fall semester of 1995.

Security hinders media coverage of AASA rally

Senior Rosie Sinapi and junior Ray Garza, photographers for the Campus Times and the Lambda, respectively, were prevented from documenting the Million Man March Rally held in Founders Auditorium last Saturday.

Censorship destroys freedoms

The Code of Ethics for the Campus Times ensures that the student newspaper enjoys the same right to a free press as all media. Yet, this is not always the case at the University of La Verne.

Center offers support, raises consciousness

Providing support for culturally-based organizations, a place for clubs to meet and just a hang-out for students are the purposes of the Minority Resource Center.

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