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Beloved dean of advising takes Chaffey College post

Just about everyone who has set foot on the University of La Verne campus in the past 24 years knows – or has at least heard of – Eric Bishop.

Woody Hall survey hails advising and CAPA

A survey sent by the Office of Informational Technology to University of La Verne students asking them to evaluate the service at Woody Hall was recently closed and analyzed.

New testing plan to support student learning

This semester, University of La Verne students were randomly chosen to take the Learning Strategy and Studying Inventory test.

Financial relief aids reservists

Within the last month, 10 University of La Verne undergraduate and graduate students have been called to active duty and forced to take a leave of absence from ULV.

Bishop accepts new position at ULV

Eric Bishop, associate professor of journalism and adviser to the Campus Times, will leave his position, opting to accept the position of Director of Academic Advising and Student Retention.

Spring brings probation changes

A new academic probation program went into effect this semester to help students.

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