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Millennials: the next great generation?

Some University of La Verne students were getting ready to compete in a basketball game for charity recently. Their hope was to of raise money for the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation, which benefited the National Kidney Foundation.

Cook shines light on Palestinians

Professor of English William A. Cook has published numerous books and articles on Middle Eastern issues and social justice around the world while remaining a devoted professor at the University of La Verne.

Letters to the Editor

As someone who could only be described as a marginal sports person, the attitude and assumptions of those who take sports seriously often amaze me.

Activism nonexistent at ULV

When the nation's president was tested in front of Congress for his sexual relations, the University of La Verne campus acted as though it had no opinion. Then when the state of California was voting on rights for same sex marriage laws, the student body was silent. Even now with the world in chaos over what might happen next with the recent terrorist attacks, the campus has nothing to say.

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