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Getting into La Verne has gotten a little easier

In recent years, the University of La Verne has begun to accept a higher percentage of freshman applicants. 

International students face housing challenges, upheaval amid campus closure

For the past several weeks, everyday life for University of La Verne students has been a whirlwind of emotion and uncertainty. For international students in particular, the need to make a fast decision to either stay on a mostly deserted campus or move back home was one they never thought they would encounter.

5K fundraiser has guests running for a cause

On a cold misty Saturday morning dozens of people gathered in Sneaky Park for the University of La Verne’s Athletic Training Education Program’s 5K Fun Run.

Students question enrollment increase

Students and staff members have differing opinions about the University’s increase in admissions and this year’s historic 650-student freshman class.

Bachelor’s degrees are not enough

Bachelor degrees are becoming so common that they are more-or-less equivalent to what a high school diploma used to be. Furthermore, bachelor’s that were once an end point have now become just another step toward the final result.

Google+ has yet to take off at ULV

A majority of students and faculty said they are not interested in Google+, according to an informal poll designed to determine their awareness, interest and willingness to participate in the new social network.

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