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Vegan diet lowers carbon footprint

When I decided to try a vegan lifestyle, the only thing I knew for sure was that it would mean excluding meat, dairy and any animal products from my life.

More students turn to vegan diet

Ariel Carey, senior psychology major, started her new year by changing her eating habits after her girlfriend, Lacey Corcoran, senior psychology major, became a vegan in January. The couple started off as vegetarians in November then transitioned to being vegan after two months and do not plan on eating meat ever again.

Quiet Spot offers place for relaxation

Bill Owen sat cross-legged in the front of the room, tapping a metal bowl and spinning the microphone around it to fill the room with ambient noise as he whispered instructions to three students sitting on round pillows.

Grey awarded Player of the Year

The University of La Verne softball team did not end the season as it would have liked, 17-22, but all the work and dedication throughout the season did pay off.

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