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LV student works mirror historic art

Dion Johnson, director of galleries and distinguished artist, showcased University of La Verne art students’ work in comparison to iconic artists in history like Pablo Picasso.

Health psychology work discussed

Luci Martin, associate professor of psychology, shared information about the health psychology lab and her research projects Tuesday in the President’s Dining Room.

Kwon studies rise in mass shootings

Mass shootings are no laughing matter especially when they happen close to home.

Hu explains credit renewal penalties

Assistant Professor of Finance Yan Hu shared her research lecture “Will Borrowers Be Penalized After a Drawdown?” to a group of roughly 20 students and faculty Tuesday in the President’s Dining Room.

Olson outlines leadership qualities

Deborah Olson, professor of management and leadership, looked at leadership development steps in her lecture “Leadership Emergence: Development Activities that Impact Growth and Performance” Tuesday in the President’s Dining Room.

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