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California’s ban on flavored tobacco pushed back

A law that would have prohibited the sale of flavored tobacco in California has been delayed until the next general election. The law, known by its bill number SB-793, would have given California the toughest state restrictions on flavored tobacco in the country after it was approved by Gov. Gavin Newsom last August.

Watch where you put your butts

Many smokers call it an attack on their ever-dwindling freedoms, but if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signs Senate Bill 4, public health and the environment will be much better off.

Public smoking ordinance unrealistic for La Verne

With the concern over second-hand smoke increasing as further research is done, cities like Calabasas and Palo Alto in California have opted to pass ordinances restricting smoking in public areas.

Feedback: Non-smokers are just afraid to die

In the latest California legislative effort to completely criminalize cigarette smoking, the state Assembly is considering a bill that would allow police officers to issue citations to smokers who light up in their car with a minor present.

New Prop. leaves smokers in ashes

“Non-smoking section” is a passe term now that smoking has been regulated statewide in all public areas. Now non-smokers need not worry about their individual scent being disguised by the odor of tobacco.

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