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Cherishing the arts in education

The arts hold a special place in education. While math teaches problem solving and history teaches the importance of the past, the arts teach us about being human and allow us to celebrate and reflect on our accomplishments and sorrows as a human race. The arts give us the tools to express our life stories to each other.

Letter to the Editor

I am somewhat amazed at the amount of response generated by the issue of arts funding. I am simply glad this issue is getting press and it is encouraging to see that the Campus Times is so willing to address the matter.

Letters to the Editor

I am writing to you because I am compelled to voice my concern at the possibility of the elimination of the music scholarship at the University of La Verne.

Letters to the Editor

As a third year theater major I have to completely disagree with last week’s letter from Jacob Leveton regarding the theater department’s place at ULV.

Budget shows ULV’s true priorities

The University of La Verne’s thriving art, music and theater programs may soon follow the lead of the AAIC, becoming simply a part of the University’s history.

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