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ASF focuses on student needs

With so many issues to deal with at the University of La Verne, students now have a voice to speak their opinions and concerns. The newly restructured Associated Students Federation Forum has become that advocate for students.

CAB puts student interest on table

University of La Verne students competed in singles and doubles games to win prizes awarded by the Campus Activities Board in honor of the first Ping Pong Tournament held in the Student Center Tuesday night.

ASF shifts focus to advocacy

The Associated Student Federation Forum has always been the center of student life at the University of La Verne. Now, ASF is taking on a new role focusing more on the voice of the students.

Campus Activities Board complements ASF

The newly developed Campus Activities Board is looking to enrich the social lives of University of La Verne students.

ASF needs to seize the day

Now that the creation of the Campus Activities Board has unburdened the Associated Student Federation from the responsibility of organizing campus events, the Forum has a daunting challenge set before it: proving itself useful.

Winter wonderland at the Pasadena Hilton

Sophomore Erica Holmes and junior Dustin Elliot attended Winter Formal at the Pasadena Hilton last Friday.

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