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Students cautiously optimistic of activity fee

Distrust is the main issue for students at the University of La Verne who are concerned with the possibility that the student activity fee might be raised in the next two years.

Scheduling problems halt university hour plan

An hour and a half three days a week – that is what the Associated Students of the University of La Verne are asking.

ASULV mulls fee hike

The Associated Students of the University of La Verne are looking to increase the student activities fee from $90 – a figure stagnant since 1982 – to $270, an increase to be phased in over the next two years.

Event honors Spain

Zesty dancers tapping and spinning to the soulful strums of a guitar, students tossed by a mechanical bull, a swinging piñata with a full belly of sweets, and Spanish-themed food filling tables were the sights and sounds of España Day on Oct. 11 in the University of La Verne’s Quad.

Old Gym slated for destruction

It looks like the Old Gym’s days are numbered.

Commencement decision debated

University of La Verne seniors are upset about scheduling changes made to this year’s commencement. Ruby Montaño-Cordova, associate dean of student affairs, made these changes without consulting or notifying the graduating class.

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